About Me


I am a quiet person, who likes to read books and draw pictures. Every time I hear a new song I get an idea for a new storyline and I am not left in peace until I pen it down! It seems cool but it’s a menace, trust me.
My pictures are mostly cartoons. I can’t bear to draw portraits or landscapes, I like to plug on my ever-present headphones, zone out and sketch down whatever pops into my head at that moment. Usually it is not very child-friendly i.e. I draw scary, disturbing or trigger-friendly stuff (example – Death in the Electric Chair ;)). But that is the way I am. I was born strange, I think. People say I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder, and I am beginning to think that they are right. If such a thing exists, of course. That is why I like online communities – I can chat and make friends without actually having to meet anybody or be around people.


School is okay – except for all the people… *shivers*
And what bugs me out even more is all my class mates. I study in a segregated school and all they can talk about is their current beau and it gets quite exasperating very soon.


I like reading and drawing (as I said before) as well as listening to preferred music (NO Taylor Swift! I hate her! So cotton candy moany – disgusting!). I also like surfing the net; it is fun and interesting. Better than watching TV.
In music, I like Gorillaz and Evanescence (the former much more preferred – NOODLE ROCKS!).
In books, I like Artemis Fowl, Maximum Ride, and other books with all these factors – guns, bad guys, intelligent/outcast heroes and a captivating plot.
In movies, I like Coraline, and everything by Tim Burton (creepy stuff delights me). In genres, science fiction and horror. Animation is also okay, as long as it isn’t too kiddish.

So that’s me.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. WOW. You seriously remind me of myself.

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