Sad Facts

Day before eyesterday was Earth Hour. So? Here in Dubai, they shut down all the lights on monuments and monumental buildings, but they didn’t do anything else. Streetlights cannot be swtched off, true, but all the shoplights stayed on, like the owners didn’t give a damn about the world we live in.

Truthfully speaking, what would you choose? A million dollars (figuratively, money) or the preservation of a species (welfare of our world?). Apparently, the world seems to be opting for the former. Why else would Japan veto the protection of the overfished bluefin tuna, or Canada defeat an effort to protect the polar bears, seals and grizzlies from overhunting? “Oh no, we’ll lose trade.” We’re humans! The word in itself suggests that we are ‘humane’ but we’re anything but, trading material pleasures for our fellow animals.

And we can’t do anything about it. Like the rest of the people who will end up suffering because of this, we have no voice in this matter. While the head honchos enjoy the outcomes of their twisted actions, we are the ones who will truly feel the sting of the recessions and the chaos and anarchy that soon follows.

Why did I type down all this anyways?  The world is going to end anyways, what with everyone encouraging it in this manner. Meh. Why should I care, when I can’t do anything about it?


~ by alexandraburton on March 29, 2010.

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