Hello world!

Hello, everybody. I’m starting off my blog with this rather unceremonious entry. I promise more will be up shortly, though what ‘shortly’ is supposed to mean is up to you.

If you do need something to read, check out the About Me section.


~ by alexandraburton on March 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. I don’t know where I am – in outer space or on Earth. tHere are stars outside! And aliens are peering in through the window!

  2. What’s up? Or should i say DOWN, if ur feeling negative… 😛 its moonlight91 here, and i like ur blog. i go by other names, like moony, death_awaits, xXBroken_TearsXx, and Scarlet. Wanna check out my blog? It’s Scarlet’s Randommness, or scarletscoolblog.wordpress. um, bye now.

    • The sun’s up! I’m not feeling negative just now, that happened because I had a stomach-ache and also because I’d read a news-story that morning about how some endangered tigers starved to death (and to extinction, they were the last ones) in a commercial Chinese zoo. Well, enough of that, and hello, moonlight91! Yes, i’ll check out your blog as well. 😀 See you soon!

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